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Bug#4354: movemail doesn't work

> Michael Shields <shields@crosslink.net> writes:
> > Package: emacs
> > Version: 19.31-2
> > 
> > movemail complains about not being able to write a temp file in
> > /var/spool/mail.
> > 
> > One fix might be to make it setgid mail, iff the code is written to be
> > sufficiently paranoid.
> As shipped, it *was* installed setuid root + setgid mail... could you
> check your installation and verify, and perhaps be more specific about
> movemail's complaint?

Ack -- I'm embarassed.  VM found another movemail in my path, a broken
one, and used that instead.

But this seem to have exposed a real bug: why *is* the real movemail
suid root?
Shields, CrossLink.

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