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Re: Manuals other than as HTML in the dpkg*.deb file

On Sat, 31 Aug 1996, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I've asked this question before, but noone seemed to want to answer
> me, so I'm asking again:
> It would be good for the dpkg manuals to be on the Debian web pages.
> How do I organise this ?  I can (for example) ship a .tar.gz of the
> HTML files with each dpkg upload.
> I'd like to distribute PostScript versions too, since there seems to
> be demand.  Should I just upload the .ps.gz files with dpkg uploads ?

The web pages are in a bit of flux right now; see recent mail on
debian-private.  I've been keeping the latest docs in
debian/doc/package-developer on the ftp site at least.  I just dashed
off a quick script to do that.


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