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Re: PGP depends.

Dale Scheetz writes ("PGP depends."):
> Now, as it happens, I have also been reading the new Policy manual (BTW,
> thank you Ian J. for this fine piece of work. It has been long needed and
> I for one greatly appreciate your work) and it has some things to say
> about this issue. In particular it says that packages that depend on
> packages in non-free are to reside in contrib (or non-free if other
> restictions apply). This makes it clear that mailcrypt should be in
> contrib rather than the distribution proper. It isn't specific about those
> packages that recommend or suggest a non-free package, but at least
> recommend is strict enough to require special intervention with dselect in
> order to install a package without it's recommends. The policy on these
> conditions should be made more clear.

I have clarified the policy in (dpkg 1.3.14), which will be
out later today.

Packages which Recommend non-free or contrib packages must (almost
always) go in contrib.


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