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Bug#4360: bug in route man page

package: netbase
version: 2.04-1

man page route(8) has:

       route add netmask dev eth0
              This  is  an  obscure one documented so people know
              how to do it. This sets all of the class D  (multi­
              cast)  IP routes to go via "eth0". This is the cor­
              rect normal configuration line with a  multicasting

the example is missing -net before

lohi:~# route add netmask dev eth0
route: netmask doesn't make sense with host route
Usage: route [-nNvee] [-FC] [Address_families]  List kernel routing
       route {-V|--version}                  Display command version and
       route {-h|--help} [Address_family]    Usage Syntax for specified
       route [-v] [-FC] {add|del|flush} ...  Modify routing table for

  Address_families: inet,ddp,ipx,netrom,ax25
        specify AF: -A af1,af2..  or  --af1 --af2  or  af_route

-- juha

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