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Re:dselect/dpkg & multiple versions

At 1996-08-28 21:59 +0000, Brian C. White wrote:
>I know that at one point the dselect/dpkg combination had fairly serious
>problems if the same package name existed with multiple versions.  I learned
>this the hard way when I installed from a mirror that had not run to
>completion and thus had not deleted the older packages.
>Dpkg installed _both_ versions of the packages at the same time and really
>got screwed up.
>The reason I bring this up is that there are now several package that are
>_intentionally_ in the distribution multiple times with different versions:

I think this is a useful feature and would like to see it on the wishlist
at least.  I'd definitely like to see dselect come up with a list of
multiple versions that are available -- from both stable and unstable, for
example -- and allow me to choose betwen them.  I'm guessing it would also
make support easier for the "realms" I mumbled about a few weeks ago.

(Of course, I ca'n't offer code at the moment so my opinion carries little

Shields, CrossLink.

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