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Bug#4060: Update: 4060 - Kernel decompression failure.

crh@nts.umn.edu (Christopher R. Hertel)  wrote on 12.08.96 in <320FA0B7.41C6@nts.umn.edu>:

> Problem: On some systems, the compressed kernel image provided on the
> installation floppy (boot1440.bin) is not decompressed properly when
> read from floppy.  One solution that seems to work for most users is to
> *disable the internal cache*.  If this does not work for you, try
> disabling both the internal and external cache.  This is done via the
> bios setup.
> This is not a fix, but a work-around.  I have tested this on my system
> (which has this behavior), and disabling the internal cache allows the
> kernel decompression to proceed.  It is my understanding (I have not had
> a chance to test this) that the cache can be re-enabled once the system
> has been installed.

If disabling the cache makes a difference, this is almost certainly a  
hardware problem. The problem will not be isolated to floppy boots,  
however; it will still bite you from time to time, when the circumstances  
are just right.

The best solution is either changing the timing, or changing the relevant  
hardware - for internal cache, that's the CPU (or the CPU clock).

MfG Kai

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