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New source format now official

dpkg 1.3.10 contains version of the package maintainers'
manuals.  With this release the new source format is made official.

Maintainers should start thinking about converting their packages.
There is no rush yet, but packages which you're updating anyway are
probably best converted now.

If you encounter any problems, particularly any which may require the
scheme to be changed and thus require changes to all converted
packages so far, please report them to debian-devel or debian-bugs

You'll find that the new policy manual has a set of instructions for
converting packages.


debian-manuals ( unstable;

  * Footnote added OK'ing copyrights which require name changes.
  * More detail about changelog format names.

  * Problematic licence restrictions are formatted as lists.
  * Mentioned 822-date utility as way to generate RFC822 format dates.
  * Typos corrected.
  * Released.

 -- Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>  Mon, 26 Aug 1996 14:27:34 +0100

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