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Re: TclX package again

Note: I'm copying this to debian-devel to get feedback on my response
to Philippe's question #3.  If you do respond, please include a direct
response to me in addition to the list.  I was inadvertantly dropped
from debian-devel three weeks ago and no amount of trying on my or
Bruce's parts has been able to get me back on the list.

Philippe Troin writes:
> 1) When compiling (make -f debian.rules) Tcl (needed to build tclX, 
> what a shame that you need the tcl/tk source tree), I have errors 
> in tclPosixStr.c about a case having same value (EDEADLOCK and 
> EDEADLK are both defined and have the same value). Fixed by adding 
> Did you recompile it lately ?

I'm aware of the problem, but haven't had time to fix it yet.

> 2) I've tried to 'make test' in both tcl7.5 and tk4.1 source trees, 
> both failed. Shouldn't we report this to the Tcl/Tk maintainers 
> and/or try to fix it ? This works perfectly on other systems (tried 
> Solaris).

What do you mean by failed?  If you mean some individual tests fail,
then that is expected.  I believe all of the Tk failures are due to
non-portable tests.  I have not had time to look into the Tcl
fileevent failures yet, but I suspect they are either due to
non-portable tests also or libc bugs.

> 3) I think I should have tclX be the same (regarding package 
> management) and tcl and tk. ie, I will have tclX74 and tclX75, both 
> incompatible with tclX. tclX74-dev and tcl75-dev being mutually 
> exclusive too... What do you think about it ?

I agree, for now.  One change I'm considering is to give each major
Tcl version it's own include directory (e.g. /usr/include/tcl7.4,
/usr/include/tcl7.5).  This would make it easier to have multiple
development packages installed simultaneously.  The limitation of only
having one installed at a time is quickly becoming a problem because
of the way Tcl/Tk-based packages are tied to a specific version of
Tcl/Tk.  What do you think?

> 4) I plan having a separate tclX7[45]-doc package for the help 
> system (/usr/lib/tclX/7.*/help and /usr/bin/tclhelp). What's your 
> opinion on that one ?

I've considered doing something like this with the section 3 manual
pages for Tcl/Tk.  The reason I hadn't done it yet is that I didn't
want to create yet another package unless I really needed to or
someone else wanted it.

> 5) I haven't had time yet to look after the other platform stuff. 
> Last time you told me to remove any hard-coded "i386" for the 
> debian support. I assume you're talking about the debian.* file,s 
> right ?


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