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Bug#3991: dselect has confusing and bizarre interface

Package: dselect
Version: 1.12.2

dselect is more complicated than it needs to be.  Anyone who has used
the package selector for RedHat can understand why people like it so
much.  I like having a versatile interface such as the one dselect
offers, but it shouldn't be so incompatible keystroke-wise with other
common interfaces.

1. A consistent key should be chosen for the `quit' function, to exit
   the current task.  It's `q' here, space there, and enter there.

   Space and enter should do something else.  In most applications,
   such as `dialog' enter selects, it doesn't quit.  Space is also
   usually a selection or toggle options, but never exit.

   It's really bizarre and confusing that space and enter would do
   these things.

2. A consistent key(s) should be chosen for the `help'.  I suggest F1
   and Ctrl-h throughout.  (Like DOS or Emacs)

3. Using `/' for search forward makes me want to use `?' to search in
   reverse.  I hit it often enough to get really frustrated.
   (`?' in `less' and `vi')

4. `/' should remember the last search instead of requiring a separate
   keystroke, `\'.  (`/' in `less' and `vi')

5. The package list browser should not start in help mode.  There is a
   reason that Emacs has an inhibit-startup-message variable.

6. The EIOM columns are not very intuitive.  Remove the short
   description (or move it over) since a long one is displayed below
   and extend these toggles such that they are understandable.

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