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Automatic mount of cdroms axe_6.1.2-4 uploading BETA: miniSQL database engine & tools v1.0.16 Bug#3479: (no subject) Bug#3480: (no subject) Bug#3481: (no subject) Bug#3503: still a.out (and src doesn't build binary *.deb out of the box) Bug#3504: /usr/bin/mailagent not executable Bug#3518: empty package Bug#3539: (no subject) Bug#3540: mkisofs stops if a problem occurs Bug#3702: cflow is empty Bug#3703: mkisofs stops if a permission problem occurs Bug#3761: Lilo Installation and multiple Disks Bug#3772: Bug#3877: (no subject) Bug#3901: dotlock" should be setgid mail Bug#3992: install-info shouldn't try to lock the dir file during --test Public access Debian m68k machine? transfig_3.1.2a-2 uploaded transfig_3.1.2a-3 uploaded Re: Unanswered problem reports by maintainer and package Uploading 1.2.2-4 1.2.2-3 () Uploading sysklogd 0.0-0 () xaw3d_1.2a-5 uploaded xfig_3.1.4a-4 uploaded xosview_1.3.2-6 uploaded The last update was on 08:49 GMT Fri May 17. There are 27 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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