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Bug#3230: why the hell does perl depend on tcsh???

On Sun, 9 Jun 1996 Dirk.Eddelbuettel@qed.econ.queensu.ca wrote:
> Sure. I didn't mean to say that I like how perl depends on tcsh. 

then change it!
perl is already able to do the globbing without using the csh!
it only uses the csh if the pr"aprocessor symbol CSH is set
on compile time, it should be fairly easy to you to unset CSH.

for a description what happens just grep for CSH on the sources,
and you will see that if no csh is available (tested at compile
time through the CSH symbol) that it will use the /bin/sh with
echo and tr to get the same result. and best of all: nothing bad

in doio.c: 
   one check disabled. now if you run a csh from within perl
   it will be started through /bin/sh and not directly.
   this does not hurt.
in pp_hot.c:
   here you find the code that calls csh #ifdef CSH for globbing,
   or #else calls /bin/sh with echo and tr.
in pp_sys.c:
   only the line
     *SvPVX(rs) = '\n';
   is added #ifndef CSH. i'm not really sure what this line 
   really does, but i would be really surprised if it hurts

sorry if i'm harsch, but this is at minimum the third time it
is pointed out to you and i have never seen an answer, rather
that you insist to keep perl depend on csh. at least: if you 
do not want to remove the CSH, which very well might be right, 
could you please tell us why? i do not see any problems with
this, even though i've not yet tried it. 


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