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Re: [UPLOAD] GNAT - the GNU NYU Ada Translator.

>>>>> "MM" == Michael Meskes <meskes@Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE> wrote:

MM> I'm not familiar with the term "diverts" but does that mean a new
MM> gcc and a new libgcc.a are installed? Why? I don't like that at
MM> all.

MM> Are these files supersets of the old one?

I know anything about GNAT, but I have some experience on building
g77, the GNU Fortran 77 compiler, which might be quite similar to
building the Ada compiler.

In these cases you have to substitute the existing gcc with a new one
that is aware of the new compiler you are installing. You must
remember that "gcc" itself is just a front end to "cc1", "cc1plus",
"f771" etc.

Regarding the libraries, I don't know about Ada, but g77 simply
installs a new fortran-specific library.

IMHO, it is fundamental that the gcc maintainer be also the maintainer
of all the GNU compilers packages. If he is not able (or don't have
the time) to maintain the Ada or Fortran compilers, he could have an
"advisor for Ada affairs", to whom the bug reports regarding Ada could
go. Thinks could be cleaner/safer this way.

Again, this is just MHO.


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