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Re: Overrides confusions

>>>>> Marek Michalkiewicz writes:

> There is a new upstream version, vlock-0.9, which contains patches I
> sent to the author.  It has some bug fixes, actually works (wow!)
> and supports shadow passwords better (just compile with -DSHADOW_PWD
> and install it setuid root - and it should work with both shadow and
> non-shadow passwords; it drops root privileges as soon as possible).

> I think we should upgrade vlock to the current upstream version.  If
> no one else does it, I might do it myself, it's a small package.

I will upgrade vlock and merge it with kbd. But i think we are currently
in a pre-release codefreeze, aren't we?

BTW. Shall i rename kbd, because of the extend of changes made to the
package?  I am not sure. In any case i will try to contact the upstream
maintainer to see if he will accept our changes.


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