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Bug#3248: Bug: #1176 /usr/bin/top segfault with unknown terminal

The problem seems to be in the top.c code:

    tgetent(NULL, termtype);
    cm = tgetstr("cm", 0);
    top_clrtobot = tgetstr("cd", 0);
    cl = tgetstr("cl", 0);
    top_clrtoeol = tgetstr("ce", 0);
    ho = tgetstr("ho", 0);

There is no error checking after tgetent() to make sure that the termtype

Also, note:

    termtype = getenv("TERM");
    if (!termtype) {
        /* In theory, $TERM should never not be set, but in practice,
           some gettys don't.  Fortunately, vt100 is nearly always
           correct (or pretty close). */
        termtype = "VT100";
        /* fprintf(stderr, PROGNAME ": $TERM not set\n"); */
        /* exit(1); */

VT100 does not exist -- vt100 does.

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