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Bug#3243: recommendations should not be requirements in dselect

Package: dpkg
Version: 1.2.0elf

When package A recommends package B, dselect should nevertheless
permit you to select package A without selecting package B.

Try selecting auctex (version 9.3c-2).  A bevy of other latex-related
packages will be suggested for you by deselect because they are
recommended by auctex (and transitively).  You can either accept their
selection, or back out -- but in the latter case, auctex remains

Also, try installing at (version 2.9a-11) without installing mailx.
The recommends line says:

  Recommends: smail | sendmail | mail-trasfer-agent, mailx

I have smail installed, but nevertheless dselect forces me to select
mailx also.

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