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Bug#3227: login refuses, and then allows, root login on tty?

On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, Michael Nonweiler wrote:

> The error message is "root login not allowed..." etc. ie.  /etc/securetty
> problem, but /etc/securetty is correct, and things soon start to work...
> I don't think syslog problems could cause this.

This line from Dirk's auth.log is illuminating.  Note the last 2
Jun  5 16:29:20 miles login: LOGIN root REFUSED ON TTY tty??

The ?? means that the call to ttyname(0) returned NULL.  The man page
for ttyname() says it can fail if the fd is not connected to a
terminal.  I'll have to check libc if there are other ways that it
could fail.

Which getty execed this login?  Also give me the initab line for this


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