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Bug#3201: screen ^a:exec ! doesn't clear TIOCPKT on filtered pty

> package: screen
> version: 3.7.1-3
> Demonstration: Fire up screen. Hit "^a:exec !cat -v". Run some
> commands. Note that you get leading ^@ mixed in. (If you're running
> tcsh, bash, or some other interactive program, you'll get ^@ before
> the echo of every keystroke, which makes it *really* clear.)
> Analysis: screen creates all pty's in packet mode (ioctl(fd,TIOCPKT,&on))
> [...]
> [and later a patch].

Gosh! You're the kind of person I think I should be very polite to
(might come in handy, some time).

Sorry for the delay in responding (3 days), but I was too busy to
read debian-devel for that time, and for some reason the
bug-tracking system stopped forwarding the bugs to me.

I did, however, within 15 min of reading your patch, apply it
and recompile. I have one question however:

You speak of ^@ that fill the screen (yes, I'm using bash).
when trying to reproduce the bug, I get the ^@, but also:
  ^M    at the end of every line of output
  ^H ^H each time I hit backspace
  (and maybe more)
Your patch indeed corrects the ^@'s, but the ^M, and ^H ^H remain
(though they may be less bad). (also the cursor keys don't work, ...)

I still like your patch though. I just would like your opinion
on whether you know something around the other oddities too.

Anyway, as the 1.1 release is now "imminent", I'll upload this
3.7.1-4 with your patch in about 3 hours from now, unless you
reply before that. (I can always upload 3.7.1-5, if you know how
to correct the other oddities).

One administrative note: I have to admit that I don't know
too much about sockets and all that (I only know the basics).
This makes me not the ideal screen maintainer (I started
maintaining it because it was orphaned before). If you would
like to take screen over from me, please tell me.


joost witteveen
Use Debian Linux!

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