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Bug#3233: dselect for 1.1 as of June, 2nd


Package:  debian-1.1 / dselect as found on the boot/root/base floppies
          from June 2nd

A short description of the bugs I encountered:
        o the first try to (setup modules or configure the kernel?)
          returned:  /target/lib/modules: no such file or directory

        o repeating the action succeeded (i escaped to shell after
          the first failure and saw, there IS a /target/lib/modules file
          or directory ...

        o After selecting the access method (CDROM) and selecting
          packages to be installed dselect displayed:

          can't install from /stable/binary (or something similar)
          since dpkg -iGROEB /stable/binary returned an error

          If I mount the CD manually and then manually do
          dpgk -iGROEB /where/the/cd/is/mounted
          all is ok.  (or if I select `already mounted filesystem' as
          the access method)

public pgp : finger heiko@sax.sax.de
fingerprint: A1 7D F6 7B 69 73 48 35  E1 DE 21 A7 A8 9A 77 92

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