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Re: textutils 1.17 and weblint 1.016

> Erick Branderhorst writes ("textutils 1.17 and weblint 1.016"):
> > I updated the textutils package and the weblint package (I'm not the
> > maintainer of these packages) and put these on 
> > ftp: //iaehv.nl/pub/users/branderh/
> > As soon as dchanges comes out (and the original maintainers don't object)
> > I will upload these package to master / chiark.
> Why did you release them, if we may ask ?
You may off course, but I wanted to explain it when the upload to master
will happen.

> I'm sure you have a good reason, but it'd be nice to know.
Here we go:

Keeping up with mainstream, textutils has NLS, weblint has been updated to
support more recent html. The release is being made in a few days and it
should be as up to date as possible IMO. The debian maintainer of weblint
has been mailed about this (I didn't got any response), the debian
maintainer of textutils can't be reached.

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