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Bug#3218: install-info adds Miscellaneous section badly

Buddha Buck writes ("Bug#3218: install-info adds Miscellaneous section badly"):
> Package: dpkg
> Version: 1.2.0
> As installed by the base package, /usr/info/dir ends with a line saying
> "General Commands"

Can you send me this file, please ?  I think there may be something
wrong with it.

> Using the install-info command from the acct package post-inst script
> (with the --quiet flag removed), install-info adds two new sections, an
> "Administration" section and a "Miscellaneous" section.
> However, the /usr/info/dir file now ends with the line
> "Miscellaneous:General Commands".  I believe that the ":General
> Commands" is erroneous, and shouldn't be there.

There is a bug here in install-info, namely a missing \n after the
colon of `Miscellaneous:'.

I think there is a bug in the base dir file too, which is why I'd like
a copy of it.  I've fixed the bug in install-info, it will be in dpkg


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