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Re: purged package has conffiles

Dirk Eddelbuettel writes ("purged package has conffiles"):
>     miles:~ [root] # dpkg -s miscutils
>     Package: miscutils
>     Status: purge ok not-installed
>     Priority: required
>     Section: base
>     Conffiles:
>      /etc/fdprm 7213ed72fc15d0184b428cb34df34d2d
>      /etc/securetty b2786c62a3aa9a21df2f3e4eb9e42ecd      
> and, more worrying, also belong to two other packages. The login package took
> over /etc/securetty, and getty took over /etc/fdprm.  So shouldn't they be
> removed from the miscutils status display?

Ooops.  They should.  I *think* there are no serious harmful effects
from this bug.

I've fixed it for dpkg 1.2.4 (which will also remove these spurious
entries from the status file).


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