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Overrides file additions

Here's the new list of additions, as modified to take account of
people's comments.


bsdmainutils	important	admin
lsof		standard	admin
apmd		optional	admin
hfsutils	optional	admin
mdutils		optional	admin
modconf		optional	admin
nis		optional	admin
open		optional	admin
tcl75		optional	admin
tob		optional	admin
vlock		optional	admin
cpio-mt		extra		admin
mingetty	extra		admin
news		extra		admin
bdflush		required	base
debian-utils	required	base
getty		required	base
kernel-image-1.3.100   required	base
login		required	base
passwd		required	base
util-linux	required	base
xringd		extra		comm
kernel-source-1.3.100  standard	devel
libg++27	standard	devel
cdwrite		optional	devel
ddd-smotif	optional	devel
libc4-dev	optional	devel
libc5-dbg	optional	devel
libobjects	optional	devel
libwww-perl	optional	devel
perl-tk		optional	devel
pgapack		optional	devel
tcl75-dev	optional	devel
zlib1-dev	optional	devel
ddd-dmotif	extra		devel
ilu		extra		devel
kernel-headers-1.3.100	extra	devel
libc5-pic	extra		devel
ncurses3.0-pic	extra		devel
ratfor77	extra		devel
win32binutils	extra		devel
win32gcc	extra		devel
win32libs	extra		devel
manpages-de	optional	doc
wgerman		optional	doc
axe		optional	editors
elviscmn	optional	editors
elvisctags	optional	editors
elvisnox	optional	editors
elvisx11	optional	editors
xcoral		extra		editors
xcoral-doc	extra		editors
x10		extra		electronics
nethack		standard	games
maelstrom	optional	games
xbattle		optional	games
abuse		extra		games
aout-svgalib	optional	graphics
gimp-smotif	optional	graphics
libjpeg6a	optional	graphics
libjpeg6a-dev	optional	graphics
libpng1		optional	graphics
libpng1-dev	optional	graphics
svgalib1	optional	graphics
svgalib1-bin	optional	graphics
svgalib1-dev	optional	graphics
xpaint		optional	graphics
gimp-dmotif	extra		graphics
libgr		extra		graphics
libgr-dev	extra		graphics
mesa		extra		graphics
mpack		standard	mail
deliver		optional	mail
imapd		optional	mail
tkmail		extra		mail
paridoc		extra		math
spline		extra		math
color-ls	optional	misc
zlib1		optional	misc
dbview		extra		misc
mailcrypt	extra		misc
pc532down	extra		misc
seesat5		extra		misc
dnsutils	standard	net
mime-support	standard	net
apache		optional	net
ipx		optional	net
ncpfs		optional	net
weblint		optional	net
xntp-doc	optional	net
netscape	extra		net
scotty		extra		net
tkined		extra		net
uutraf		extra		net
zircon		extra		net
inews		optional	news
inn		optional	news
nntp		optional	news
cnews		extra		news
suck		extra		news
csh		optional	shells
sox		standard	sound
bibtool		optional	tex
latex2e-doc	optional	tex
apsfilter	optional	text
igerman		optional	text
vgrind		optional	text
xpm4.7		standard	x11
9menu		optional	x11
9wm		optional	x11
aout-xpm	optional	x11
fvwm2		optional	x11
gwm		optional	x11
tk41		optional	x11
tk41-dev	optional	x11
tkdesk		optional	x11
tkdiff		optional	x11
xpm4.7-dev	optional	x11
xautolock	extra		x11
xcolors		extra		x11
xless		extra		x11
xpaste		extra		x11
xpostit		extra		x11
xtel		extra		xtel

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