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Bug#3208: amd bug

Package: amd
Version: upl102-2

I am using Debian 1.1, kernel version 1.3.100

When compile with NEW_TOPLVL_READDIR defined amd crashes or produces
spurious output  if a listing is made of a top level auto-mount point.

The Changelog states that this piece of code was quickly hacked and not tested.

In function new_afs_readdir a list of top level auto-mount points is
created and tacked onto the end of the standard return list.  The size
of the client's buffer limits the size of the list that should be
returned but is ignored when this list is attached.

Removing the define and rebuilding solves the problem but also removes
some functionality.

The problem is particularly noticable at our sight as all user
filesystems are mount via amd.  Updatedb is run every night.  This
causes a readdir operation on the top level automount points which
crashes amd.  When an attempt is made to login the next day it ends in
failure because the user has no home directory available.

Nigel Williams

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