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Re: Links for Libraries

David Frey writes ("Links for Libraries"):
> A question about the symbolic links for the libraries:
> I learnt some time ago from the libc/ld.so release notes that it's 
> necessary to have links from libfoo.so to libfoo.so.x.y (besides the
> usual libfoo.so.x -> libfoo.so.x.y links). They had to be created manually
> for ELF systems.
> Is this still true? If no, I had to re-upload some packages...

Yes, it is still true that these links are required.  Packages should
create them.

The best way is for the package to create the link libfoo.so to
libfoo.so.x rather than to libfoo.so.x.y - this will involve less
mucking about when then library version changes.


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