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Bug#3189: nvi over-cautious about .exrc?

Bruce Perens:
> We settled this argument after a long and sometimes acrimonious discussion
> between all of the developers a year or more ago. I'm not willing to revisit
> it.

Is there a copy of this discussion archived anywhere?  The debian-devel
archives I found on www.debian.org start from July 1995 (November 1900
was a mistake, I guess, especially since the only message there refers
to sendmail-8.6.12-8 which almost certainly didn't exist in 1900 :-).

One new problem with USERGROUPS is that it is incompatible with group
quotas (which were not supported by the standard kernel a year ago).
Maybe it would be good to discuss this again now?

At the very least, let's not enforce creating a new user account before
dselect is run.  This would at least make it possible for the user to
edit /etc/adduser.conf first and turn off USERGROUPS if they wish so.


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