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Re: kernel-package tar file unpacks into ./linux/

srivasta@pilgrim.umass.edu writes ("kernel-package tar file unpacks into ./linux/"):
> 	I have recieved the following request from a user of
> kernel-package, and did not want to act precipitatedly, since now
> there is (hopefully) an installed base for the package.
> :: Manoj, Could you seriously consider making the tar.gz file upload
> :: in the current directory, not in ./linux? It's painful to have to
> :: move a linux link to point to my various kernel sources (I do
> :: have some...) just to unpack your really nice package.
> 	Would this be a major problem for people who use
> kernel-package? (this may not be a big disaster anyway, since even if
> the user expects the tar file to unpack in ./linux and it unpacks into
> ./, one just removes debian* in the current directory. IMHO it is
> unlikely to stopm over any files, since one would not normally unpack
> it in a directory with debian* files).

I'm afraid I don't like this change at all.  One of the best things
about the GNU world and Debian too is that you can unpack almost any
tarfile without having it splatter stuff all over your current
directory, making a mess that can be very hard to clean up.

I think that the kernel-package you supply should do the same thing as
Linus's kernels.

I think that Linus's kernels should unpack into linux-<version> rather
than linux, but that's up to him and you should follow his lead.

If you don't like the linux level you can use a symlink or say
 mv linux/* .


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