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Bug#3185: (no subject)

I can't remember who is making the bootdisks..., sorry.

Just a note that neither
boot1440.bin (22May1996) nor
1440_boot_floppy-1.99.7-0 (24May1996)

contain NCR53c810 support.

"Generic NCR5380/53c400 SCSI support" (from make config)
does *not* include NCR53c810 support, i.e.
"NCR53c7,8xx SCSI support"            (from make config)
is needed. A loadable module for the bootdevice is of course not sensible.

I already reported this to debian bugs a while ago. No 1.1 release had yet
been able to install on a NCR53c810 SCSI-only system without a hand-made
bootdisk! I yet received two requests for such a bootdisk image.


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