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Re: Bug#3013: elvis is too granular and has short description

On Sat, 1 Jun 1996, Brian C. White wrote:

> Could we add a a few lines to the "xlib" description stating that this
> package is necessary on both X and non-X installations as well as the
> reason why?
> I think having a "(for both X and non-X systems)" in the single-line
> description would also be a good idea.

I don't particularly want to add to the single line description, but I can
certainly add a note to the extended description that xlib may be required
by some programs which have both X and non-X modes. 

> It should probably also be moved out of the "x11" directory and into
> "base" or something.  Otherwise, if somebody avoids the "x11" section
> altogether, dependancy problems will arise.

I think it should stay in the x11 directory. People who need it will
download it; I expect most people will be working from complete copies of
the archive anyway, or fetching the bits that they need automatically by

Steve Early

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