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Re: psutils and pipes bug

On Thu, 30 May 1996, Mike Coleman wrote:

> The problem seems to be one or both of: (1) a change in the way psutils
> decides whether a file is seekable or not, and (2) libc's (possibly changed)
> optimization of fseeks.
> Specifically, the current version of psutils decides whether a file is
> seekable by SEEK_CUR with 0 as the arg (which is a no-op seek to the current
> position), checking to see whether this generates an error.  Libc, however,
> optimizes this fseek away (i.e., without calling lseek), and doesn't generate
> an error.
> The attached patch seems like a reasonable fix.  It tests seekability by
> seeking to EOF and back to the current point, checking for errors.
> (I'm also Cc:'ing Angus (author of psutils) on this.)
> --Mike
> P.S.  One of the debian.* files mentions dwarf@polaris.com as the package
> maintainer.  Is this really the same as dwarf@polaris.net or a typo?

Mike, let me know which file/package has the bad address in it. I thought
I had found them all.

The correct address is dwarf@polaris.net

Thanks for the patch. I will try it soonest. I had just about decided that
the seek was the place to look, 'cause I new there had been changes in
this area of pipes. You saved me a lot of grubbing around. I appreciate
the support.



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