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Re: PPP problem w/ 1.1 install

In message <31AD0D9B.729CB970@verisim.com>, "Brian C. White" writes:
>But is there a "self-compiled-kernel-image"?  At least the new "diald" (in
>Incoming) depends on "kernel-image".

Ten steps to compiling your own kernel image:

 1) cd /usr/src
 2) ncftp tsx-11.mit.edu:/pub/linux/sources/system/v1.3/linux-pre2.0.9.tar.gz

 3) tar xvzf linux-pre2.0.9.tar.gz

 4) ncftp ftp.debian.org:/debian/private/project/Incoming/kernel-package-1.01.tar.gz

 5) tar xvzf kernel-package-1.01.tar.gz

 6) cd linux
 7) make config
 8) ./debian.rules kernel_image

 9) cd .. 
 10) dpkg --install kernel-image-1.99.9-0.i386.deb

It works, it's clean, it lets you monkey with the kernel sources to your
hearts content, and then (as long as you didn't break the normal kernel
compile procedure) produces a valid kernel-image file.

If you do it once, you can update the kernel with patches, and then just
say, "./debian.rules kernel_image"---it'll take care of running "make
oldconfig" and such for you.  At that point it actually becomes fewer
steps to update a Debianized kernel than a regular one.

And, wonderfully, if you structure your lilo.conf correctly, it'll update

I used to not like the notion of things relying on the "kernel-image" or
"image" packages, because it always seemed (though may not have been, I
admit) to be a very daunting task to compile a custom kernel in that

I am definitely a convert.  Kudos to Manoj for some excellent work.

"Don't let me make you unhappy by failing to be contrary enough...."

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