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I've just uploaded a new pcmcia-cs package.

The only changes are:

1. I fixed the postinst/prerm bug

2. I added a kernel target.  A few edits
to the source package and the kernel source
package and pcmcia modules can be added
to the generated kernel-image.  I presume
these modules would work with the same
binaries from the .deb file.

Near as I can tell, only one person has
tried out my pcmcia package.  All four of
my package uploads remain in Incoming.

Additionally, I don't do the changes stuff
that was recently mentioned.  I didn't see
it in my documentation/Guidelines.  If my
packages are still in Incoming because I'm
missing some fields/protocol I don't know
about, let me know.  I'd like to see the
package make it out of Incoming in time for
me to get some feedback from actual users.
If there's too much else to do for that to
happen, let me know that too.  I think it
has been nearly two weeks since my original


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