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Re: Bug#3143: sysvinit init.d/network script buglet

tobias@server.et-inf.fho-emden.de (Peter Tobias)  wrote on 29.05.96 in <199605282238.AAA23007@server.et-inf.fho-emden.de>:

> Lukas Nellen wrote:

> > What happens if those systems, say, ping Which system
> > answers? I'm pretty sure that nothing in 127.x.y.z is supposed to
> > leave your system. I remember follwing a discussion somewhere about
> > that issue. The problem with packets in 127.x.y.z is the following:
> A ping will leave the system, even on the systems mentioned
> above.

Well, that is a clear bug.

> ... and all other Unix systems do it the wrong way? I'll go and read
> some RFCs now :-).

If they put net 127 packets on the wire, then they indeed do it wrong. If  
you don't find it in the RFCs,  I'm willing to hunt it up; just tell me  
to. (It's on the order of zgrep /net/mirror/rfcs/* ;-))

MfG Kai

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