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Bug#3143: sysvinit init.d/network script buglet

You (Lukas Nellen) wrote:
> >> To me, it looks like there is a small bug in the way the networking
> >> gets configured in the base system. The problem is the loopback
> >> network AFAIK, no packet addressed to any address on that
> >> network should ever leave the local host. Instead, the loopback
> >> interface on the local machine has to accept ALL such packets, not
> >> just those sent to Could someone confirm that or point me
> >> to a document which states the contrary?
> MvS> Well I couldn't find it documented, but the way Debian does it now
> MvS> is the same as Solaris 2.5, SunOS 4.1.4 and FreeBSD do it (I just
> MvS> checked).
> MvS> So I think the "route add" is how it should be done.
> MvS> I'm closing this bug report.
> I'm reopening the bug since I don't believe that the way other systems
> deal with the loopback is necessarily the way linux has to deal with
> it.

Well actually I didn't close it because I Cc:'d the reply to the original
mail to debian-bugs-done (the one without the BUG# in the subject).

> What happens if those systems, say, ping Which system
> answers? I'm pretty sure that nothing in 127.x.y.z is supposed to
> leave your system. I remember follwing a discussion somewhere about
> that issue. The problem with packets in 127.x.y.z is the following:

Of course you are right there. I was hesistant to change the script
because it is marked as a config file, and upon re-installation dpkg will
ask if you want to replace it which is dangerous. Anyway I've fixed
it now, and I will upload 2.61-3 asap. I assume Bruce will update the
base system to the most recent base packages regulary ?

While on the subject, I think that marking these startup scripts as
config files is wrong. The configuration should be in seperate files,
for example in /etc/sysconf  (or whatever).

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