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Bug#3140: /etc/init.d/boot has rm -f bugs

Package: sysvinit
Version: 2.61-2

Why the hell is this done at boot-up (sorry, but I had a crash and lost
a /tmp file that was an editing session, hoo boy). At least keep things
in /tmp for 3 days!!!

Moreover this is a security bug as indicated in the recent discussion
on find and rm.

I simply commented it out on my machine.

excerpt from /etc/init.d/boot:

# Wipe /tmp (and don't erase `lost+found', `quota.user' or `quota.group')!
# Note that files _in_ lost+found _are_ deleted.
echo -n "Cleaning up /tmp, /var/run and /var/lock... "
( cd /tmp && \
  find . \
  ! -name .\
  ! \( -name lost+found -uid 0 \) \
  ! \( -name quota.user -uid 0 \) \
  ! \( -name quota.group -uid 0 \) \
    -depth -exec rm -rf -- {} \; )

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