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Bug#3137: pdksh is in /bin

Package: pdksh
Version: 5.2.3

I see that the recent discussion, which appeared to me to conclude
that pdksh should be in /usr/bin, doesn't appear to have been filed as
a bug, so I'm doing that now.

If a link is desired in /bin then (a) it should be justified by the
existence of a significant number of ksh-specific scripts starting
#!/bin/ksh and (b) it must be a symlink.


Syrus Nemat-Nasser writes ("Shells in wrong directory according to chsh."):
> If this has already been fixed, then please tell me:
> The chsh command has a list of accepted shells:
> debian% chsh -l
> /bin/bash
> /bin/csh
> /bin/sh
> /usr/bin/es
> /usr/bin/ksh
> /usr/bin/rc
> /usr/bin/tcsh
> /usr/bin/zsh
> However, ksh on my 1.1 system is in /bin instead
> of /usr/bin.  This prevents a user from changing their own
> shell to ksh because the chsh command requires the
> user to choose from the above list.

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