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Bug#3087: Bug in date.

Rob Browning writes ("Bug#3087: Bug in date."):
> >>>>> "J" == John F Bunch <jfbunch@ingr.com> writes:
> J>      The date command will not set the hardware clock on the
> I think you misunderstand the purpose of date.  Date is for setting
> the system clock.  You set the motherboard clock with "clock".  See
> "man clock" for details.

This should be documented in date(1) too, surely ?

I'll assign this bug to the `shellutils' package.


PS: John Bunch, your bug report psuedo-header wasn't recognised by the
bug tracking system because you preceded it with a line of text, and
the package name you gave (`GNU sh-utils') isn't the name of the
Debian package and so wouldn't be used anyway.  Thanks for all the
detail you put into the report, which was helpful: I'm just suggesting
that you could help us even more next time by being a little less
`friendly' in the bits that the program is going to use :-).

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