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Bug#3104: binary only packages upload broken

Juergen Menden writes:
>Package: dchanges
>Version: 3.3
>if no source file is supplied on the command line, then
>dchanges asumes a maintainer change and doesn't add the
>File: section to the generated .changes file. this is
>essentially bad for binary-only uploads (as are needed
>by the non-intel ports).
>I would suggest that dchanges asumes a maintainer change
>only when no file is given, not only when the source files
>are missing. IMHO it would be even cleaner if the
>maintainer-change .changes files would only be generated
>when a specific switch is specified (eg. -m)
>in all other cases a normal upload .changes file should
>be created, including the File: section.

No, it's simply a bug.  If any file names are given they should be put
in the Files: section.  Easily fixed, change line 223 from:
  if [ -n "${TAR_FILE}${DIFF_FILE}${UNK_FILES}" ]

I'll be uploading a new version shortly.

><deleted good ideas about naming dchanges files>

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