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Re: UID allocation policy [Re: automatic adduser/addgroup ...]

rdm@tad.micro.umn.edu (Raul Miller)  wrote on 23.05.96 in <19960523002509.1477.qmail@tad.micro.umn.edu>:

> The best compromise UID allocation policy, in my mind:
> (1) allow selection of lower bounds for each allocation group.
> (2) allow selection of upper bounds for each allocation group.
> (3) provide reasonable defaults.
> (4) when allocating, make sure that ID isn't already in use.  Stop
> with error if no more available IDs in range.

There's one more problem. Can we get this to work _before_ installing the  
base system?


Can we assume that the ranges get set correctly by the installer?

Probably not.

So I think we need support for changing UIDs (and GIDs, too, of course).

I'm thinking of a program that gets a file of old-new pairs and goes over  
the file system (or maybe over configured parts of the file system?) and  
adapts the ownerships.

(Yes, you can do it with find - but when you are changing large numbers,  
this gets error-prone and _very_ slow!)


MfG Kai

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