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Re: kernel-image/debian.README; confusion over version numbers

>>"Kai" == Kai Henningsen <kai@khms.westfalen.de> writes:

Kai> One other thing.

Kai> It might be wise to edit the release number so that dselect will
Kai> not replace the custom kernel with a new version of
Kai> kernel-image-x.x.xx in the distribution.

Kai> I've found that using a two-level scheme where the major level
Kai> starts with a letter nicely does the job, so my kernel is now
Kai> kernel-image-1.3.100-kai.1 or something like that. This will get
Kai> dpkg to refuse to downgrade.

	This is good stuff.  I think I'll place this hint in the
 README file in the next release of kernel-package.  

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