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Bug#3067: broken libXaw3d

Thanx for a very verbose reply.

> OK, there is a link that points to nowwhere, but nobody (not any
> ordinary programme I know of) uses it.  (because the Xaw3d dir
> is above the X11R6/lib dir in /etc/ld.so.conf).
> I'll remove the link in the next release, but it is only cleaning something
> up, it isn't "broken".

> That is what surprises me: apparently, you mean the dynamic link,
> at execution time (not at compile/link time). But these links are
> resolved by /lib/ld.so, and that will (or should) look for
> /usr/lib/X11R6/Xaw3d/libXaw.so, when looking for libxaw.
Methinx the 'link' operator is somewhat overloaded. Just to clarify: when
the program tries to (ld) link at compile time (to the so, so linking only
in the hunting out names etc.) it failes since it is looking for libXaw3d.
It only finds the (sym) link and this points to nothing. It should point
into the Xaw3d directory at libXaw.so.foo.bar.something. I got around this
by simply fixing the link.

> You apparently want to dynamically link against libXaw3d.
> I guess this may be neccecery for some programmes, who really know
> about xaw3d -- but xaw3d is designed in such a way that this SHOULD
> not be needed.
Pretty much it.

> I do realise there is a problem with the current Xaw3d libraries
> in that respect: there simply isn't a soname of Xaw3d, the xaw3d libraries
> are compiled with a soname of Xaw. In that way, ld.so will NEVER find
> Xaw3d if looking for something with a soname of Xaw3d (it's simply not there).

> Let me explain why this is:
 [ kerrrr-snip]
> Now, your app clearly is looking for Xaw3d. As far as I can see, it
> would be best to persuade your GS to look for Xaw, in stead of Xaw3d
> (it will find Xaw3d anyway).
Possibly. What I have atm works fine though and it was an easy fix so...

> Another solution would be along David Engel's stubb lib idea:
> I COULD put a Xaw3d stubb dir that loads /../Xaw3d/libXaw.so in
> the package. Unfortunately, this would (I guess) break all apps that
> use, for example the asciitext widget, and many more, for the same
> reasons as stated above.
I'll take your word for it all.

> > Well GV _specifically_ stated that you needed those header. Who was I to
> > quibble? Again, examine the src/readme in the tgz.
> I, for one, am not to quibble. If the package says you need them,
> then so be it. I was merely saying that *usually*, you don't need them.
Fair enough. (It needs things like ThreeD.h and so on.)

> Another point is: should they be in (my) Xaw3d?
Not sure why not, but then you probably know what you are on about.

> I know the usual way to do this is release a devel package and a
> normal package. But this is for those libraries that, if you
> want to compile a programme with them, *always* need the devel
> packages (i.e. the header files).
 [ Generally useful and informative stuff snipped ]
I probably wont make a devel package since I really am not enthused
enough to keep it up to scratch. You could possibly include the headers for
the hell of it (they are only 370k and disk space is _cheap_ these days,
even for students :) But it's your call.

> Thanks,
No problem, just being a good Debian user. (?)

Report closed. (afaik)


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