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Re: Bug#3067: broken libXaw3d

On Mon, 20 May 1996, Steve Payne wrote:

> > > Also the headers are not included :(
> > And why would you want those? you should use the standard Xaw
> > headers, for all I know. (But maybe there are special cases
> > (certainly not normal) where you'd want the Xaw3d headers? Could
> > you tell me about them?)
> >
> Well GV _specifically_ stated that you needed those header. Who was I to
> quibble? Again, examine the src/readme in the tgz.

Another example? 'xgospel' needs 'em too if you ./configure it to use
Xaw3d. And no the Xaw3d aren't the same as the Xaw ones... Compiling
xgospel gives out errors if you configure it to use Xaw3d but give it Xaw's
headers. So please include the relevant headers.

Also to be consistent with other shared library packages, shouldn't
libXaw3d be split up into a libXaw3d1 package (note the .so version number
at the end of the package name) providing only the .so shared library
(together with example file and copyright file) and a libXaw3d1-dev package
(note .so version number again) providing the headers and static lib, for
people who like compiling stuff...


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