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can't make a boot floppy that uses RAMDISK

Since there seemed to be some confusion about the boot floppies today
(cf. messages from Martin Schulze) I tried to make my own.  It was an
abysmal failure.  

First, I made a syslinux disk.
Then I copied a syslinux.cfg file from an older boot floppy to the syslinux
Then I copied the approprite modules.tgz to the would-be boot-floppy.
Finally set the appropriate flags in the copy of the kernel that
I placed on the would-be boot-floppy:
   rdev -r linux 49152
   rdev -R linux 1
   rdev linux /dev/fd0
   rdev -s linux /dev/fd0  (I wanted to set swapdev to Boot device, but
                            didn't know how to do that.)

When I boot this disk, it _does_ prompt for the root disk, but keeps telling
me that I didn't set up a ram disk.  (Maybe it's sort-of right:  I did
set CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM=m when I compiled the kernel.)

If someone can tell me how I can really a boot disk that really uses a
RAMDISK, I'd very much appreciate it.

Susan Kleinmann

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