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Bug#3058: diplogin doesn't notice if kernel doesn't support SLIP

Package: netstd
Version: 2.03-1

Steve McIntyre has a rather hodgepodge Slackware system, and we were
trying to set a SLIP service up on it.  Nothing was working, so I
suggested he try my dip binary (from netstd 2.03-1).

That had the same problem as the Slackware one - it would report
 DIP: Dialup IP Protocol Driver version 3.3.7n-uri (17 Apr 95)
 Written by Fred N. van Kempen, MicroWalt Corporation.

 Your IP address is Server address is
 Netmask is MTU is 300  Starting CSLIP
but it wouldn't have set up the interface or routes or anything.

Using slattach we discovered that SLIP wasn't compiled into his kernel
- slattach said:
 SLIP_set_disc(1): Invalid argument

However, dip didn't seem to notice and indeed was quite happy to claim
that everything was fine.



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