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kernel-package-0.7 uploaded to master


	I have just uploaded a new version of the kernel packaging
 scripts to my account on master.debian.org (also copied to
 Incoming).  This version addresses the problem of not being able to
 remove old kernel-image packages without using the dpkg option

	In essence, the essential flag on kernel-image-X.X.XX packages
 is removed, instead, a prerm script has been added (as Ian Jackson
 suggested) that refuses to remove a running kernel (to be more
 specific: if you are running a kernel that identifies itself as
 version X.X.XX [as reported by uname -r] then you can't remove
 kernel-image-X.X.XX) This follows the spirit of the essentials
 flag. As a bonus, if you have a valid lilo.conf file that mentions
 the kernel version being removed (we follow symlinks), the prerm
 gives you a chance to bail out, if you insist on continuing, it
 reminds you to edit lilo.conf and re-run lilo.

	It would probably be a good idea if an essential base package
 depended on the virtual package kernel-image, so that at least one
 image package would be loaded, but maybe this is not strictly

	This version should be stable and ready for release (I spent
 lots of time testing it), and I don't expect to make any more changes
 in the script unless they are bug fixes or feature requests.

	The changes file is appended.



Date: 19 May 96 06:51 UT
Format: 1.5
Distribution: unstable
Priority: Low
Maintainer: Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@pilgrim.umass.edu>
Source: kernel-package
Version: 0.7
Binary:  kernel-package
Architecture: all source
 kernel-package: Debian Linux kernel package build scripts.
  * Added image.prerm, this script implements the spirit of the old
    essential tag, while still having it possible to remove old
    kernel-image-X.X.XX packages.
  * removed the essential flag from the kernel image control file.
 7e98bf2d9a5396926d753ecead444cb7  19879  experimental  -  kernel-package-0.7.tar.gz
 7b49af3d8628520fa7df8934dda43d7e  23028  experimental  optional  kernel-package-0.7.all.deb

Version: 2.6.2


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