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Bug#3013: elvis is too granular and has short description

>Firstly, it would be helpful if the elvis packages could be merged soo
>that there weren't so many of them.

They are:
  elviscmn -- common files needed by elvisx11 and/or elvisnox
  elvisx11 -- elvis with an X11 gui interface, needs libX11
  elvisnox -- elvis without X11 gui interface, doesn't need libX11
  elvisctags -- ctags from the elvis source package, should be separate

Is there a clean way of getting the common-files treatment without
needing a separate elviscmn package?  If so, where is this documented
in the dpkg usage docs? ;-]

>Secondly, the descriptions of the packages are too short: there are no
>extended descriptions.

All the packages except elviscmn have extended descriptions.
The summary description in elviscmn says all that there is to say.
Should I repeat it more verbosely in an extended description?

>Thirdly, elviscmn should definitely not Recommend both the elvisx11
>and elvisnox packages.

My mistake.  I thought I had recommended '|', but I see that I said ','.
I'll upload a new package set soon.

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