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Unidentified subject!

I've uploaded a new copy of the pcmcia-cs package to
master.debian.org.  I never found my previous upload
and I never heard from anyone about what may have
happened to it.  The new package has been named
pcmcia_cs... in case that was a problem and its
control file indicates it is a "misc" package.  If
there are any problems with this package, please let
me know.  If there is some developer's how-to that
I've obviously missed, tell me.

Also, I'd like to match the package off of the install
kernel just prior to 1.1 going stable.  If someone could
warn me shortly before that happens, I'd appreciate it.

Again, if there's something "wrong" with my upload, I
need to be told.  I've read all I can find so I'm not
going to fix whatever is unnacceptable about it without
some feedback.


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