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Bug#2963: dselect arrow keys don't work after a search

Steve Greenland writes:
> In dselect, in the package selection list, after using the '/' key to search,
> the arrow keys no longer move up and down, but instead cause a return
> to the main menu. The other movement keys ('n' and 'p') work fine.
> If you do something that causes the dependency resolution screen
> to come up, and then return to the selection screen, the arrow
> keys return to normal, until you do another search.

I can reproduce this problem with my newly-compiled dselect 1.2.0,
using ncurses 1.9.9e-1.

It is not a bug in dselect - it's a bug in ncurses, that wgetnstr (or
whatever the call is, I forget) does something to xterm to screw up
the arrow keys.

I'm reassigning this bug report.


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