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Re: http daemon suggestion/proposal

> > From: Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi>
> > Subject: Re: http daemon suggestion/proposal 
> > 
> > David H. Silber:
> > /var is for data that is likely to change during normal operation.
> > Installing new software is not normal operation.
> You are (at least partially) correct about the cgi-bin directory belonging
> under /usr.  However, I was also thinking of the html documents.  Those
> belong under /var (or perhaps /usr/local).  Also, there needs to be a
> mechanism available which would allow for locally-written cgi scripts in
> addition to those distributed as part of packages -- perhaps
> /usr/local/cgi-bin or /usr/local/www/cgi-bin.  (I think that Apache allows
> for multiple cgi directories.)

OK, so are we agreed that /cgi-bin and the default icons should go
under /usr?  Since the sysadmin can add site-specific CGI and icons
under /usr/local.  Anyway it's clear to me :)

I think WWW is like ftp:  user-level dynamic database material.  I think it
belongs under /home.  Red Hat uses /home/httpd or something and I like
that approach.

I just hope we can come up with something that Everyone agrees with,
because right now I have 4 clients and several different locations for
everything: /etc/{httpd,apache,apache-httpd,cern-httpd}, document root
is in
And I'm quite pissed about the situation.  Since I need to support Red
Hat too, can we negotiate with them.  If they won't budge on
/home/http..., then maybe we should adopt their approach for

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