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Re: cpio-2.4.2-2 uploaded (new version of mt for SCSI tapes)

>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk> writes:

    Ian> Couldn't you just release all of this in the cpio package
    Ian> itself, and have it Conflict and Replace the old mt-st
    Ian> package ?  Then we could put mt-st in an attic somewhere and
    Ian> remove it if it really turns out not to be needed.

Ultimately, this was my plan, and I've discussed it with Bill
Mitchell, the maintainer of mt-st.  However, I did not want to stick
the new version of mt into the cpio package until I know that the new
version works.  Otherwise, a SCSI tape user (who until now has had no
alternative to mt-st) installing the latest version of cpio, would
unwittingly overwrite a perfectly good version of mt with my untested
hacked version.  Since I don't have a SCSI tape drive, I have no way
to test my new version of GNU mt.

If you want me to combine the cpio and cpio-mt into one package
immediately, I shall; I have no objections.  We should also retire
mt-st to the "old packages" section, since it would conflict with the
entire cpio package and it no longer provides anything not supported
by cpio's mt.

Finally, if any SCSI tape users on "debian-devel" have tried the
latest version of GNU mt (a.k.a. cpio-mt-2.4.2-2), let me know.  I
have no way of knowing whether this thing works until somebody tells
me.  Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Brian Mays <bem5r@virginia.edu>

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