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Bug#2986: Finger oddity getting info from /etc/passwd

Package: netstd
Version: 2.02-1

Finger does apparently get some of its information from /etc/passwd,
this information being for example got by the adduser script.

However, it looks like if the Office information is of a "short" length,
finger will concatenate this information to the Office Phone number
(including the separating comma) and make the Home Phone number the
Office one.

For example, the following entry:

yyyyyyyy:*:1002:1002:Xxxxxx Yyyyyyyy,ZZZ              ,
+33 00 00 00 00,+00 00 00 00 00,:/home/yyyyyyyy:/bin/bash

(cut here after the Office info) is fine, but if one does not include
all the spaces (like what is done by adduser) the finger information
will be bad.


(If the finger information should indeed be tabulated---the manual
page does not say antything like that---then the bug is with adduser
1.94-4; in this case, please excuse me and forward the bug report
appropriately. Thanks.)

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